​Hi Priceless one, 

Its been a while since i came on here. Infact, since i created this blog, ive had just one post. I’ve been so lazy to come on here and do what im meant to do. Well in this new month August, i’ve decided to change and i will by the grace of God. 

On saturday, I was at a singles ladies hangout and the while the guest speaker was speaking, she said something about we letting Jesus be the Lord of our lives. It struck me because while most of us our saved, dedicated workers, tongue speaking, demon kicking and all that, only very few are actually under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and I haven’t been an exception so far. 

So I checked the dictionary meaning of the word Lord and here’s what the Merrian Webster dictionary has to say.

It actually has more definitions but this one is what concerns us. So I think we should ask ourselves some questions. Does we carry him along on our live issues? Does he initiate our every step? Both major and seemingly minors? Do we obey when he gives an instruction? Do we really live amd move and have our beign in him? Do we trust Him as Lord when He is leading us down an unknown path or do we follow our own intuitions? Seriously we should check it. 

Lets not be people who say the prayer of salvation and later forget that we actually asked Him to be the Lord of our lives in the process. We asked him to be Lord n Saviour. Lets not ignore the Lord part n take only the saviour part. Truth is, things would be much more easier when our lives reflect His Lordship. So u cn take some seconds and ask Him to be Lord once again. And this time, dont resist Him. May His grace abound to us all😘😊