Pure Love

Once upon a time, love was pure. True love has always been pure though. However, there was a time when the relational love that we have with one another was pure -at least to some extent. Then, love gave, love sacrificed, love cared, love showed concern for unselfish reasons, love shared. Love was transparent. You could see through it for what it really was. Love was just, love was pure. 

But then, things changed. We didnt see it coming. It was quite sudden. Love became an illusion. We didn’t see it real. It no longer gave, no longer sacrificed, no longer cared, no longer showed concern. And when it did, it was for selfish reasons. Love became selfish. Oh, love was opaque. It became difficult to understand. To love became hard. Love became impure. 

What happened to our love? The love we shared as humans? Who took it away? Or should I say why did it go away? Where can we find it? Can our love come back? Can our love be pure once again?

Well, I know of One whose love is still pure and whole. He lives in the high heavens but in the little room of my heart, I can reach Him. Ill go to Him and learn. He will be glad to teach me. I would learn how to love again. And I would unlearn selfishness. I would learn how to care and be concerned for all the right reasons. I would sit at His feet and drink from Him deep well of knowledge and wisdom. Oh, what a refreshing when His love would change me. It would teach me right. I would be able to love again. Even if i may not be able to love exactly like Him, my love would be somthing close to His love. 

I choose to not wait any longer for our love to return. Instead, I’ll go look for it. And I’ll find it. I’ll find it in the One whose love is still pure. And when I find it, I’ll bring it home. Yes, I’ll show it. I’ll let my world know what it means to love again. I realise that it may not be so easy but step by step, little by little, day by day, I’ll do better in showing my love because I know that if I continue showing it, then I would make my world better. Ill love my brother and my sister. Ill love my friend and my enemy. Ill just love. With His help, my love would become pure again. 

Wouldnt you rather join me? C’mon. Lets go brink back our love. From the One whose love is pure. Then, we would share and care and show concern for all the right reasons. We would shine the light of our pure love and our world would be lighted up with this love. Then we would know that we have achieved the greatest thing there is- we have loved. 
Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

1 John 4:11 NIV


Life made easy

It wasn’t the first day I would be looking for my calculator, and even on this day, it wasnt the first time I would be searching for it. I urgently needed my calculator. I was tired of using my phone to calculate figures. ‘Where could it be?’ I asked myself. I combed through the house beginning from my room, to my mom’s room (although i knew there was no way it was going to be there), to my brothers’ room, my little library. Still no sign of a calculator. Once again, I searched all my bags and still saw nothing. I went to my mom’s room again. This time, i was fed up. I sunk my neck, made a pleading face and said, ‘Please Holy Spirit, please show me where my calculator is. Please.’ And then i walked back to my room. On entering my room, I was about moving in the direction of my bags again but then I diverted to my reading table and my eyes wanted to go somewhere else when suddenly it just went to my pencil case on one of the compartments of the table. Then were my eyes ‘opened’ to see through the prints on the somewhat transparent pencil case and lo and behold, my calculator was right inside. I took it out and immediately lay on the floor and began thanking the Holy Spirit and the entire Godhead. I was so happy Ive found my calculator.
Why didnt I see it all this while? Though it was in my pencil case and staring at me the whole time. It was looking too flat and I thought it was some papers that were in it. I realised that it was that simple call/prayer for help made to the Holy Spirit that made the difference. I couldnt have seen it on my own. Nothing would have made me touch that pencil case if not for the Holy Spirit. That is just one of the many experiences I have had trying to figure things out by myself to no avail and then calling on Him and He made it all so easy.
Im glad I got Him. Most times, we just leave Him idle when He is actually meant to be working- helping us. We need to ask Him in our everyday lives and be very intentional about it. He is the perfect gift to mankind and im glad to reckon with Him. Truth is, if technology or education or civilisation was indeed all we needed to live a better, more meaningfull and fulfilling life here on earth, God would have given us that since Jesus was leaving this world. But He knew that the Holy spirit is just the perfect gift we need to live life easily and He gave Him to us right from that moment. And those who have let Him lead them in their life’s journey have had no regrets whatsoever and have enjoyed every step of the way. Of a truth, He has been an ever present helper at all times of need and He makes life sweet.
Do you desire to have a better, sweeter and easier life? One where you can smile through the entire journey? The Holy Spirit is just the right person you need on your boat as you sail this sea of life. Hi-technology, internet or education wont do you too much good but He will. Its guaranteed. Invite him today to be your comforter and helper and make sure you communicate frequently with Him. Even when you think He wont come through, He will. He never fails.