Casting your Bread upon the waters.

Hey hi,
Its been long since I came here. I had not been stable but I’m getting better now. Well, this post is about something I learnt today.
About three months ago, my SDcard crashed and so I lost a lot of files. I love music so much and it was really painful to loose my songs. Recovering them seemed impossible. I just got a new sdcard and lackadaisically gathered new songs but those old ones that were lost could not be forgotten.
Today, I came across a guy in my church who was playing one of the songs that was on my crashed sdcard. Then I remembered that I was the one who sent that song to him. He needed songs on his then new phone and had asked me to transfer songs to him. So I sent about half of the songs on my phone to his. When I saw him today, I asked if those songs were still there and if I could take them. He replied in the affirmative.
As I transfered back to my phone, I began to wish that I had earlier transfered more songs than I did to his phone. I could only get back the amount I gave out before and a little more which I didn’t have before. Then it hit me. Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.
Ecclesiastes 11:1 KJV
I had cast my bread of songs and I was only getting back what I spread abroad. And as I type this now, this other scripture comes to mind. “Consider carefully what you hear,” he continued. “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more.
Mark 4:24 NIV
What is your bread and how well are you casting it upon the waters. It could be some form of help rendered, money, words of encouragement etc. Casting it upon the waters would only bring it back to you when you need it in due season. Do your best to cast your bread upon the waters today.



Memoir: The day I spoke in tongues…for the first time.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit with the  evidence of speaking in tongues is a new testament experience that I craved for for a very long time. As one who was born into the church, I had heard and seen people speak in the heavenly languageas well as read and heard of so many testimonies that happened because they prayed in the spirit. I had also been taught in church and other christain gatherings of the benefits of speaking in tongues. When i became saved in september 2013, i began craving for this gift that the Lord has for His children. I went for altar calls of those in need of the baptism and other prayer gatherings. However, i still could not speak in tongues. At a time, i tink i was even trying to manipulate the Holy Spirit to baptise me(one of those funny things we do to get this baptism) but it did not work. I wrote of one of my very funny experiences here.  Many other times of trying to speak and asking and praying but still it didnt happen until one day…

It happened in my second year during my ND program at Yabatech. Pastor Kumuyi was coming to Yaba area for a program and the sports complex of my school was the venue. All campus fellowships’ workers and excos were to be available to assist the church with whatever help we could render. As such, they held a pre-program for us to get us ready and tell us our duties during the day. The pre-Program was on a friday which was two days before the main program.

I went to market that evening to buy some stuff and returned just when the pre-program was about to start. I wanted to just go back to my hostel, cook my food, eat and sleep but i met the president of another fellowship who was kinda my freind and she told me to mk sure i come that she wants to see me there. So i obeyed. Went up, dropped everything i bought, picked up my bible and went to the chapel. (I purposely did nt take a scarf even though i knew it was a deeper life program i was going for. I wasnt in the mood for the program). 

In the chapel, the pre-program which i thought would be all about talks and strategies was turned to a prayer meeting. The cordinator began by praying, then asked us all to pray. He raised some prayer points and at a time, he began praying in the spirit. The atmosphere was charged and people were screaming in prayer, some falling under some annointing. But me, i just knelt down where i was staying and continued praying. I didnt want o even ask for the baptism in the Holy Ghost then as i was not ready to fall down under the annointing that day. I just wanted a simple prayer and to get going. That period, i had so many problems in my relationships with so many people and i knew God wanted better from me. I was tired of the struggles i had in these relationships. I wanted to be better. So on my knees, i began asking God for a change of heart towards these people and to help me have better relationships. I was so sincere in my asking and soon i had teary eyes. The next thing, i began speaking something i couldnt decipher. It was a twin three syllable word. Then i spoke longer words. I continued speaking as i could not even stop. Oh what joy. God was baptizing me with His Holy Spirit and I didnt have to fall and roll on the floor and there would never be any need for that again. Haha. I kept speaking and praying. And i felt a release in my spirit. A release concerning all my relationship problems. I knew God was addresing that issue. I felt light inside me. The prayer was long and i prayed and prayed until the prayer session ended. I was blessed. Then the cordinator gave a ljttle talk about our roles on the d-day. 

As i left the chapel, i thanked God for making me obey to be present and wondered how long again i would have waited for this baptism if i didn’t attend that program that day. Two days later which was the day of the main program, i was very tired and needed to sleep cos i didnt sleep a wink the previous night. So i couldnt go for the main program. Later, God dropped it in me heart that the baptism was my birthday gift (my birthday was 20 days before the pre-program and i didnt even ask for that. Talk about a Father who gives good gifts to His children).  What a gift! 

Today, almost two years of being baptized, I am not where i want to be in my spiritual walk as regards praying in the spirit but im definitely better than when i started. Sometimes i stretch myself in prayers and other times i slack. But ive done myself good to surround myself with people who constantly remind me  that im to improve in that area and so i put myself to the task. 

Lessons learnt:

1. Obedience is priceless. You never know what God can do because you obeyed. 

2. Focusing more on God yields so many great return. I just wanted to be better at showing God’s love in my relationships. I asked for that with a sincere heart. I got more. 

Do you also crave for this baptism? It really takes a hunger for it plus a right heart. Dont relent. Keep craving. Keep asking. Keep praying. Its a gift to the children and God doesnt withhold good things from us. So you will get it. 

Do you have experiences of the Holy Spirit baptism and you? Pls share with us. 

Pure Love

Once upon a time, love was pure. True love has always been pure though. However, there was a time when the relational love that we have with one another was pure -at least to some extent. Then, love gave, love sacrificed, love cared, love showed concern for unselfish reasons, love shared. Love was transparent. You could see through it for what it really was. Love was just, love was pure. 

But then, things changed. We didnt see it coming. It was quite sudden. Love became an illusion. We didn’t see it real. It no longer gave, no longer sacrificed, no longer cared, no longer showed concern. And when it did, it was for selfish reasons. Love became selfish. Oh, love was opaque. It became difficult to understand. To love became hard. Love became impure. 

What happened to our love? The love we shared as humans? Who took it away? Or should I say why did it go away? Where can we find it? Can our love come back? Can our love be pure once again?

Well, I know of One whose love is still pure and whole. He lives in the high heavens but in the little room of my heart, I can reach Him. Ill go to Him and learn. He will be glad to teach me. I would learn how to love again. And I would unlearn selfishness. I would learn how to care and be concerned for all the right reasons. I would sit at His feet and drink from Him deep well of knowledge and wisdom. Oh, what a refreshing when His love would change me. It would teach me right. I would be able to love again. Even if i may not be able to love exactly like Him, my love would be somthing close to His love. 

I choose to not wait any longer for our love to return. Instead, I’ll go look for it. And I’ll find it. I’ll find it in the One whose love is still pure. And when I find it, I’ll bring it home. Yes, I’ll show it. I’ll let my world know what it means to love again. I realise that it may not be so easy but step by step, little by little, day by day, I’ll do better in showing my love because I know that if I continue showing it, then I would make my world better. Ill love my brother and my sister. Ill love my friend and my enemy. Ill just love. With His help, my love would become pure again. 

Wouldnt you rather join me? C’mon. Lets go brink back our love. From the One whose love is pure. Then, we would share and care and show concern for all the right reasons. We would shine the light of our pure love and our world would be lighted up with this love. Then we would know that we have achieved the greatest thing there is- we have loved. 
Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

1 John 4:11 NIV

Life made easy

It wasn’t the first day I would be looking for my calculator, and even on this day, it wasnt the first time I would be searching for it. I urgently needed my calculator. I was tired of using my phone to calculate figures. ‘Where could it be?’ I asked myself. I combed through the house beginning from my room, to my mom’s room (although i knew there was no way it was going to be there), to my brothers’ room, my little library. Still no sign of a calculator. Once again, I searched all my bags and still saw nothing. I went to my mom’s room again. This time, i was fed up. I sunk my neck, made a pleading face and said, ‘Please Holy Spirit, please show me where my calculator is. Please.’ And then i walked back to my room. On entering my room, I was about moving in the direction of my bags again but then I diverted to my reading table and my eyes wanted to go somewhere else when suddenly it just went to my pencil case on one of the compartments of the table. Then were my eyes ‘opened’ to see through the prints on the somewhat transparent pencil case and lo and behold, my calculator was right inside. I took it out and immediately lay on the floor and began thanking the Holy Spirit and the entire Godhead. I was so happy Ive found my calculator.
Why didnt I see it all this while? Though it was in my pencil case and staring at me the whole time. It was looking too flat and I thought it was some papers that were in it. I realised that it was that simple call/prayer for help made to the Holy Spirit that made the difference. I couldnt have seen it on my own. Nothing would have made me touch that pencil case if not for the Holy Spirit. That is just one of the many experiences I have had trying to figure things out by myself to no avail and then calling on Him and He made it all so easy.
Im glad I got Him. Most times, we just leave Him idle when He is actually meant to be working- helping us. We need to ask Him in our everyday lives and be very intentional about it. He is the perfect gift to mankind and im glad to reckon with Him. Truth is, if technology or education or civilisation was indeed all we needed to live a better, more meaningfull and fulfilling life here on earth, God would have given us that since Jesus was leaving this world. But He knew that the Holy spirit is just the perfect gift we need to live life easily and He gave Him to us right from that moment. And those who have let Him lead them in their life’s journey have had no regrets whatsoever and have enjoyed every step of the way. Of a truth, He has been an ever present helper at all times of need and He makes life sweet.
Do you desire to have a better, sweeter and easier life? One where you can smile through the entire journey? The Holy Spirit is just the right person you need on your boat as you sail this sea of life. Hi-technology, internet or education wont do you too much good but He will. Its guaranteed. Invite him today to be your comforter and helper and make sure you communicate frequently with Him. Even when you think He wont come through, He will. He never fails.

Memoir: The day I almost spoke in TONGUES

Ive had a longing for the baptism of the Holy Spirit since i became born again in 2013 but it seemed like it wasnt going to be as quick as i thought. This post is to share one of my kainda funny experiences i had in my ‘waiting’ period. 

It all happened while I was on my STudent Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) at a bottling company in Lagos. It was at that time when fuel prices went really high and transportation was becomming unbearable. The management then asked some staff to stay at home since they had decided to run only a small section of the plant for production. IT students too were to stay back. Happily, i relaxed for the first day being a wednesday. By that wednesday evening, fuel prices had started coming down so some people went to work on thursday. By Friday, everyone had fully resumed. However, I stayed back at home saying that I was tired. My mum asked me to go but i declined. The manager of my department then called to know why i was absent but there was no reply for that as i dont know how to tell a lie that i was sick. 

Monday morning came and I ran to work with my heart beating fast. It was the first working day in the month of June and as the custom was, we had a general staff prayer and brief meeting with the management before work commenced. I stood close to my supervisor and when asked to shake hands with your neighbour, i stretched out my hand to him but i was given this stern look and i quickly withdrew my hand. After the meeting, i quickly ran into the laboratory and began to do every available work i saw. I swept, cleaned the surfaces and began to mop. My fellow IT students questioned my absence and i still did not find any reasonable answer to give them. Then the door swung open. In came my supervisor. 

‘Chidinma, drop that mop, pull off your labcoat, pick your bag and follow me’. 

I half expected something like that. My colleagues looked at me with sad and pity eyes and I Just did as i was told. I followed him to the manager’s office but he wasnt there so i was told to wait for him. That was when the whole thing began.

I was wrong. Talking to God, i didnt even know what reasons to tell Him that made me stay away for three days from a work that I got on a platter of gold without struggling for. I began talking, begging God, pleading….I knew that the Holy Spirit helps us to pray when we dont know what to pray for and that is done through the Spirit’s language. But i had not gotten that baptism then. I needed the Spirit to pray for me as I did not want to be laid off. What would I tell my mum? She would almost skin me. So I just stood there shaking, muttering some things like I was bribing the Holy spirit to baptise me there and then and pray for me too. I was sorry for my being absent. Waiting for the manager for about thirth minuites seemed like forever. I was weak. 

Finally, the manager came. After some questioning, I was told that it was the company’s custom to lay off anyone who absents himself from work for three days without due permission. It was considered that such a person doesnt want the job any longer. He said he would have sent me home to continue my holiday since I wanted to stay at home but because of my efficiency at my duty post, he would let me be. Then i was asked to write a letter of apology/undertaking stating that should i be absent in like manner again, i should be dismissed from the company. I did that and submitted it to my supervisor who still gave me the stern look and let me go back to my duty. 

Thinking about the incedent some days later, I learned something from my actions:

The holy spirit cannot be bribed to baptize someone. I had almost bribed Him that day to pray for me. Infact I had almost formed it. Maybe I even did, I cant tell. So I made sure I never tried to bribe him again. I think some preachers even tend to force Him to baptize people during some baptism sessions. Ive been in those kind of meetings and it just never worked for me. I dont know why. 

Well, in case youre reading and also in a ‘waiting’ period like I was, dont be too worried. And dont try to bribe or force the Holy Spirit to baptize you. He will do that at the right time. By the way, i will do another post on the day I was actually baptized finally. I pray you learn some things from that one too that might help you in receiving this precious gift. 

Where did the love go? 

Yesterday, I heard three different stories of three couples and some things that played out between them. 

The first was that a man left his wife standing on the road waiting for him to go get something that he had forgotten back home, only for him to continue his journey by another route all because he didnt want to pay the transport fare of 50 Naira for his wife. So sad.

The second story was about how a man came back late from where he could not explain and began to feign anger and poured away the entire pot of food his wife had prepared with the little money on her. This is a wife who was waiting for his return so they could eat together and she had also used her freshly earned salary to pay off the guy’s debts. Disheartening.

The third was about how a wife was so unnappreciative of her husband and would ussually extort money from him saying things like she needed to perform a sacrifice and other gibberish. She cheated on her loving and caring husband and later left him for another man after getting preggy. Smh.

Its not that I’m shocked at hearing things like this cos Ive heard even worse scenarios than this, but its just that I pondered upon the issues and i got to ask myself “what happened”? I mean, where did all the love go?? So you mean its 50naira that made you separate from your wife on the journey? Who does that? If you didnt want to pay, she wouldnt crucify you.  And to throw food thereby wasting it is a very bad act. Even babarians wont do that. Like…who wastes anything in this period not to talk of food? Plus the fact that you didnt contribute to the cooking of the food. Now cant u just be a good wife and not cause trouble for a men who chose you to be a part of him? What do you want to do with all the money youre hoarding? I mean what would you gain? Then you left…

You see, at a point in their lives, these three couples were once under the mango tree enjoying the cool evening breeze while promising themselves heaven and earth. So the question still lingers- where did the love go?

Love is strong. Its deep. Its the thing that caused a man to die on cross after a tiring journey with a heavy cross. Its not sex. Its not about the money we get. Its way deeper. A friend said people use the four letter word anyhow and mostly in the ‘light’ sex just to lighten the weight of the subject (paraphrased). Love is a decision. A lifetime decision at that. For better, for ‘better’. Yes. All the better. And in the non marriage concept, it is a way of life. Or should i say it should be our way of life. Im not justifying that the other parties of the three couples are saints in every way, but whatever it is, our actions and reactions should be tagged with love. 

Ever seen that picture of a man with a chain to his legs and an anvil on the other end of the chain. The anvil is tagged a grudge and the man cant move or do much so long as he is still holding on to that grudge. In my opinion, that anvil can also be tagged love. Yes. In this case, the love constrains you. Keeps you within its circumference and all that would radiate from you would be all about it. It prevents you from doing much in the sense of hurting your neighbour. That love anvil should really be tied around everyone’s legs. So married or not married, love becomes our way of life. Plus when choosing a life partner, be very sure of yourself so you are not forced to go back on your decision in years to come. Well, that one is entirely another topic on its own. 

So let me conclude by saying this. You know that scripture that says to bind the law of God on your neck, we really should heed to that. And then whats even the law of God? To Love. For in Love lies the fulfillment of the law. Simple. So here’s the scripture. And the succeeding verse just encourages us all the more.

Don’t ever let love and loyalty leave you. Tie them around your neck, and write them on your heart. Then God will be pleased and think well of you and so will everyone else.

Prov. 3:3‭-‬4 ERV

So it doesnt matter if youre married or not, lets show some love. To dat guy who greets you every morning who  seems to not have a future, give him a warm smile. To that lady who is always asking for assistance, you dont have to shun her. You can always decline politely. To that market woman who insults you; do you really wanna/have to reply? C’mon, youre bigger than that. And to that younger sibling who insults you, you dont have to kill them.They can still be corrected…and forgiven. So… 







Whats your veiw or take on love? Please share below. 

So you want to date? 

Heyo, how u doing? Chidinma is coool. 

So on sunday, a guy asked me out on a date. He actually said I owe him a date for his birthday. I asked him why he wants to go on a date with me…not neccessarily to date me. His reply was dat asking me on a date would help him know me better. He then added that he really likes my personality. Then i got thinking…

 As simple as I can remember, dating is getting to know somebody better…someone you like and are attracted to. But then, should you just begin to date just anybody because you like them and are attracted to them? So here’s what i was thinking anyway. I was the one on the receiving end in this matter and i asked myself some questions. 

He wants to know more about me. How much of me do I know of myself and can be able to easily define to somebody? Truth is I’m still on a huge path of self discovery. Trying to define who I am, what i really want, what stands I should take and all that. And i also discovered about me that i find it hard to define who i really am before people. Its all in my head but to put it out in words is a huge task. So if this was the case, should I go on a date when the I know fully within me that the main purpose of the date would not be met. Or do I just want to hang out with a guy for the sake of it? Of course at times I’ll do that but not just with any guy. 
He also said he likes my personality. This is someone who i see once in a while. I began wondering which personality he knows and when i asked, he said he likes my smile, my beauty, my charisma, and the fact that I’m a hard worker. Hmmm….my smile, its nice. I love it too. My beauty, oh, i know I’m beautiful. Thanks for noticing and complementing. My charisma? Do i really have charisma? As in, where did you see my charisma coming to play? And then who told you I’m a hard worker??? So these are the ‘personality’ he was talking about. I don’t think he should be in a position to tell me if I have charisma and if I’m a hard worker. Like i said, this is someone I see once in a while. So this must be some regular lines used by guys. Another truth is that we ladies are easily carried away by what we are being told. But i wasn’t in the mood to be carried away yesterday.
Again, what if I knew to define myself satisfactorily before people, should I then go on dates? That still boils down to what I really want. Is it time for me in my own eyes to go on dates? And besides, do I just want to date randomly every other day? Knowing well that dating is a porch to the relationship door, i don’t think i want to just date anyhow and throw who I really am before countless number of people in the name of getting to know me better. What for anyway? Any plans?? Also, the guy in question; do I think I will like to date him? Truth is ‘knowing better’ of people without any definite reason would tend to cloud my mind and brain with so many stuff I think I’m not ready to ponder about. 
So you want to date? Lets be frank with ourselves. Why? For the sake of it? Of course you can hang out but be careful not to convert it to a date in the process. Also, who are you really? What do you have to tell your date about yourself? What do you really want? I don’ t think you like the idea of breaking up barely two months of a relationship because you got to know that the person isn’t what you really want. Your heart is too precious for that. Then to our guys, please don’t use flattering words for us ladies. We get carried away easily. You might even just be flattering someone only to start something serious and then discover you’ve got the wrong person on your boat. To my ladies, don’t let your heart drift away too easily into fantasy. Guard your heart even if its with a little bit of diligence. 

Please leave your comments on your take below. Thanks

Two Decades of GRACE. (birthday post)

Today is very special to me. Its the day in history which i was born. One thing i rili love about my birthdays is the stories behind my birth which my mum would share after devotion. She always does that for all her children on their birthdays. But for the past two years, ive not been able to hear these stories because ive been in school on my birthdays. Thankfully im home this time so i heard the whole gist once more. Its sooo intresting.
I must confess: I was scared to grow. I was getting older, and was so uncertain about the future. It was so hard beleiving i was turning 19 last year. I was like huh! Im already 19. What have i achieved. What am i even here for? Well, thank God for God who just helped me turn 19 in peace. Then i knew i had to sort out myself. I had to find my purpose, my vision, my reason for living. I did that and God showed me what Im here to do. Now ive turned 20 and i have not so much of walked in that line of my calling. I would have been so scared again but im keeping my calm as I have hope that God is working through me. Plus that i want to take things little by little. No rush.

Giving retrospect to my life as far as i knew me, ill say in summary that God’s grace has been sufficient. There was a time i just went to church, then i graduated to answering the altar call of salvation (i did that countless number of times, i dont know if anyone can relate). Then i moved on to making the decision for Christ. Went on to the water n Holy Spirit baptism and then fellowship. Sometimes, I tend to judge people easily feeling holy on my own. But recently i discovered that i have nt been anytin worthy on my own. Its just grace.

I think about those times when i would have gone astray, when i had was ready to make horrible decisions that are enough to put my life on hold and i remember how God throgh his grace has saved me. Ill say his grace knew me before i was born and kept looking out for me till it found me. And now, it has been keeping me. Boy,  i’m grateful. I boast in his grace. Life, health, wholeness, family, provision, guidiance, protection, and many, many more goodies he has given to me all these years are worth having a grateful heart foe. And that i have. Its been grace all along. Its been two decades of grace.


​Hi Priceless one, 

Its been a while since i came on here. Infact, since i created this blog, ive had just one post. I’ve been so lazy to come on here and do what im meant to do. Well in this new month August, i’ve decided to change and i will by the grace of God. 

On saturday, I was at a singles ladies hangout and the while the guest speaker was speaking, she said something about we letting Jesus be the Lord of our lives. It struck me because while most of us our saved, dedicated workers, tongue speaking, demon kicking and all that, only very few are actually under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and I haven’t been an exception so far. 

So I checked the dictionary meaning of the word Lord and here’s what the Merrian Webster dictionary has to say.

It actually has more definitions but this one is what concerns us. So I think we should ask ourselves some questions. Does we carry him along on our live issues? Does he initiate our every step? Both major and seemingly minors? Do we obey when he gives an instruction? Do we really live amd move and have our beign in him? Do we trust Him as Lord when He is leading us down an unknown path or do we follow our own intuitions? Seriously we should check it. 

Lets not be people who say the prayer of salvation and later forget that we actually asked Him to be the Lord of our lives in the process. We asked him to be Lord n Saviour. Lets not ignore the Lord part n take only the saviour part. Truth is, things would be much more easier when our lives reflect His Lordship. So u cn take some seconds and ask Him to be Lord once again. And this time, dont resist Him. May His grace abound to us all😘😊

On joining the online community

I’ve always caught myself talking to no one in particular, just me, myself and I about different issues dat I had just laid my mind upon.  So many times I have talked to the mirror,  shared the Word with myself,  motivated the bathroom walls and shower or even the cooker and pots in the kitchen. I never knew when this would ever stop as it was becoming a part of me.  I really needed people to share these thoughts with but it seems like those around have enough on their plates already and would not want to be bugged by the musings of a young adult.

Life always has a way of bringing closer to you things that dominate your thoughts.  That’s how life did it for me.  A friend sent me a link on whatsapp to check out her blog.  I did and it was quite cool.  I hooked up on other blogs through her blogs and I kept hooking up until I finally got a blogger whom I’ll consider as my blog mentor😉. I suscribed to her blog and kept reading until one day it clicked in my head- Hey,  this is what I have been looking for.  This is exactly what I need.  I’ll blog. Yes, I will.  And that was it.  I decided to get the name of the blog and what it’s going to be about.  I had so read from my blog mentor that I had no other suggestions as to how the blog would be except to adopt her style and spice it up my way.

The whole imagination about the blog was ready but I badly needed a new device to start as I didn’t want to start with my then mobile phone that has a lot of issues plus I was tired of using it. It was stolen and I thought that when I got a new and better phone,  I’ll kick off blogging.  I did get a new phone but not a better one as not all that is new is better.  Four months later and the new but worse phone crashed and I was like phew…  at last.  This time, I resolved that I was not going to settle for anything less than better all in the name of new. But mehn… cash was needed.  Thank God for big brother that came to the rescue.  God just used him to bless me with this new and better device.

So I was thinking,  WORDPRESS,  HERE I COME. Okay I got the WordPress app and I’m creating the account when WordPress was telling me ‘invalid username’and I’m like ‘invalid Kwa.  Who told them that it’s invalid.  Are they in my mind? ‘ I changed the username and they told me it was already in use.  I changed again and they finally accepted this one PRICELESS CREATURES. The journey wasn’t easy at all. Thank God I’m finally here.  So no more motivating the bathrooms,  kitchen and pots or talking to the mirror.  And even if I do, I’ll be glad to still share those thoughts again with as many that click into my world.


Priceless daughter