Two Decades of GRACE. (birthday post)

Today is very special to me. Its the day in history which i was born. One thing i rili love about my birthdays is the stories behind my birth which my mum would share after devotion. She always does that for all her children on their birthdays. But for the past two years, ive not been able to hear these stories because ive been in school on my birthdays. Thankfully im home this time so i heard the whole gist once more. Its sooo intresting.
I must confess: I was scared to grow. I was getting older, and was so uncertain about the future. It was so hard beleiving i was turning 19 last year. I was like huh! Im already 19. What have i achieved. What am i even here for? Well, thank God for God who just helped me turn 19 in peace. Then i knew i had to sort out myself. I had to find my purpose, my vision, my reason for living. I did that and God showed me what Im here to do. Now ive turned 20 and i have not so much of walked in that line of my calling. I would have been so scared again but im keeping my calm as I have hope that God is working through me. Plus that i want to take things little by little. No rush.

Giving retrospect to my life as far as i knew me, ill say in summary that God’s grace has been sufficient. There was a time i just went to church, then i graduated to answering the altar call of salvation (i did that countless number of times, i dont know if anyone can relate). Then i moved on to making the decision for Christ. Went on to the water n Holy Spirit baptism and then fellowship. Sometimes, I tend to judge people easily feeling holy on my own. But recently i discovered that i have nt been anytin worthy on my own. Its just grace.

I think about those times when i would have gone astray, when i had was ready to make horrible decisions that are enough to put my life on hold and i remember how God throgh his grace has saved me. Ill say his grace knew me before i was born and kept looking out for me till it found me. And now, it has been keeping me. Boy,  i’m grateful. I boast in his grace. Life, health, wholeness, family, provision, guidiance, protection, and many, many more goodies he has given to me all these years are worth having a grateful heart foe. And that i have. Its been grace all along. Its been two decades of grace.