Casting your Bread upon the waters.

Hey hi,
Its been long since I came here. I had not been stable but I’m getting better now. Well, this post is about something I learnt today.
About three months ago, my SDcard crashed and so I lost a lot of files. I love music so much and it was really painful to loose my songs. Recovering them seemed impossible. I just got a new sdcard and lackadaisically gathered new songs but those old ones that were lost could not be forgotten.
Today, I came across a guy in my church who was playing one of the songs that was on my crashed sdcard. Then I remembered that I was the one who sent that song to him. He needed songs on his then new phone and had asked me to transfer songs to him. So I sent about half of the songs on my phone to his. When I saw him today, I asked if those songs were still there and if I could take them. He replied in the affirmative.
As I transfered back to my phone, I began to wish that I had earlier transfered more songs than I did to his phone. I could only get back the amount I gave out before and a little more which I didn’t have before. Then it hit me. Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.
Ecclesiastes 11:1 KJV
I had cast my bread of songs and I was only getting back what I spread abroad. And as I type this now, this other scripture comes to mind. “Consider carefully what you hear,” he continued. “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more.
Mark 4:24 NIV
What is your bread and how well are you casting it upon the waters. It could be some form of help rendered, money, words of encouragement etc. Casting it upon the waters would only bring it back to you when you need it in due season. Do your best to cast your bread upon the waters today.



Pure Love

Once upon a time, love was pure. True love has always been pure though. However, there was a time when the relational love that we have with one another was pure -at least to some extent. Then, love gave, love sacrificed, love cared, love showed concern for unselfish reasons, love shared. Love was transparent. You could see through it for what it really was. Love was just, love was pure. 

But then, things changed. We didnt see it coming. It was quite sudden. Love became an illusion. We didn’t see it real. It no longer gave, no longer sacrificed, no longer cared, no longer showed concern. And when it did, it was for selfish reasons. Love became selfish. Oh, love was opaque. It became difficult to understand. To love became hard. Love became impure. 

What happened to our love? The love we shared as humans? Who took it away? Or should I say why did it go away? Where can we find it? Can our love come back? Can our love be pure once again?

Well, I know of One whose love is still pure and whole. He lives in the high heavens but in the little room of my heart, I can reach Him. Ill go to Him and learn. He will be glad to teach me. I would learn how to love again. And I would unlearn selfishness. I would learn how to care and be concerned for all the right reasons. I would sit at His feet and drink from Him deep well of knowledge and wisdom. Oh, what a refreshing when His love would change me. It would teach me right. I would be able to love again. Even if i may not be able to love exactly like Him, my love would be somthing close to His love. 

I choose to not wait any longer for our love to return. Instead, I’ll go look for it. And I’ll find it. I’ll find it in the One whose love is still pure. And when I find it, I’ll bring it home. Yes, I’ll show it. I’ll let my world know what it means to love again. I realise that it may not be so easy but step by step, little by little, day by day, I’ll do better in showing my love because I know that if I continue showing it, then I would make my world better. Ill love my brother and my sister. Ill love my friend and my enemy. Ill just love. With His help, my love would become pure again. 

Wouldnt you rather join me? C’mon. Lets go brink back our love. From the One whose love is pure. Then, we would share and care and show concern for all the right reasons. We would shine the light of our pure love and our world would be lighted up with this love. Then we would know that we have achieved the greatest thing there is- we have loved. 
Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

1 John 4:11 NIV